Tricycle diaper cake

Tricycle diaper cake.

Tricycle Diaper Cake will give an additional WOW factor to any tricycle.

Great gift for a new baby boy or baby girl or beautiful centerpiece for Baby Shower.

Tricycle diaper cakes contain diapers as part of the design which can later be used for the baby. The cake is made in the shape of a tricycle with handlebars and diapers for the wheels. Some of them have a teddy bear riding the tricycle. These are great for baby showers, and they come in all colors so they work for a girl or a boy.


Our tricycle diaper cakes make memorable, unique and practical Baby Shower Gifts, they also can be used as adorable table decorations and amazing Baby Shower Centerpieces.

We use disposable diapers, blankets, hooded towels, toys, socks, bibs washcloths, and other baby items to build our unique diaper cakes. On average the newborn goes through 8-10 changes a day! You just can’t go wrong by giving diapers! A boring box of Huggies or Pampers is not going to impress anyone, but our Diaper Cake will!

It is perfect for a new baby who has everything and when there is no registry to chose a gift from.

You can use it as a table decoration, a game (guess-how-many-diapers) or a Baby Shower Centerpiece. You can give unique diaper cakes to a client or an employee who is expecting, greet a new neighbor with a new baby. Baby cakes are perfect for the Holidays, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, or just because…

This cake is approximately 12″ L, 12″ W, 12″ H..

Each cake is served in tulle tied with a premium ribbon…


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Unique diaper cakes, Baby shower gift ideas

Unique Diaper cakes make unique and creative Baby Shower gifts.
They make perfect gifts for Arrival of Newborn, and Baby’s 1st Birthday, and can be given to new parents anytime after the baby is born. And the best of all, the ingredients can actually be used for new baby boy or baby girl.

Today you can find 1000’s of diaper cakes – each one offering its own style, each one a unique creation, but all have one thing in common they are round and layered.

We wanted to use the same concept but create something very different! The inspiration came from the everyday life, everything that surrounds us and our precious babies, like cars, motorcycles, baby carriages, airplanes, boats, trains, musical instruments, etc…

We welcome custom orders, where you have a choice of selecting everything from the size of the diapers we use, to the colors and size of the cake, so if you do not see exactly what you want, just ask us, and we will be happy to make it for you. We do short notice custom orders. For more info please visit